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The last few hours
A few hours before the birth
Me worried? Not a chance
Future Dad...trying to keep a cool head
New Mom & Her Daughter
She has arrived!
Spending a little time together
Time to get to know one another
What an experience!
Getting a little rest afterwards
Cashlin in her hospital bed
In the hospital- 3rd day?
3 days old
She's soooo cute
She's soooo cute!
We're ready to go home!
On our way out of the Hospital
We're leaving the hospital... really!
Leaving the Hospital (but Dad wants a picture too)
Well packaged!
We've got her all packed in for the big trip home!
Welcome Home!
Welcome Home Cashlin!
Checkin things out
Time to relax
Time to get a little rest at home
1st Diaper change
Dad is performing his first diaper change on Cashlin
Diaper change results
I think she rather enjoyed that diaper change!
Our first walk outside
Preparing for the first trip outside!
Ready to go!
Ready... Set... Go...